Bullying is a global epidemic. Words in the classroom, in the playground, or at the sporting field could have a long ever lasting effect on the victim.

Words may not seem like much, but they can affect a person no matter what age they are and can cause depression.

Which is why Don’t Be Horror-ble is proud to present Yesterday’s Tomorrow. An anthology of short stories contributed by some of the best authors across Australia and New Zealand, many of whom have been bullied in the past.

The stories have been contributed to this collection to be edited, and released by Digitalien Publishing, as a fundraiser for Don’t Be Horror-ble.

All funds raised through the paperback and e-book version of Yesterday’s Tomorrow will go towards funding our planned events, including the Frights in the Field, Horror Camp and our Masquerade Ball.

Funds will also go towards promotion of Don’t Be Horror-ble and our fight against bullying.

By submitting work to Yesterday’s Tomorrow you grant Don’t Be Horror-ble the rights to use your work for the purposes of which they have been donated. For the publication in an anthology aimed at raising funds for the Don’t Be Horror-ble organisation in order to operate its events, and promote its message of combating bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will in no way claim copyright over the work, however, by submitting you provide the organisation rights for a period of twelve (12) months to publish the submitted stories, or to use your artwork in a promotional sense.

Included in the rights is the permission to publish submitted works once (for stories) – unless otherwise negotiated and use artwork for a period of twelve months.


Don’t Be Horror-ble have received a large number of stories donated for Yesterday’s Tomorrow we are still open to receiving stories for inclusion to this anthology.

  • Stories should be up to 2 500 words;
  • Stories can be of any subject matter related to the horror genre;
  • Stories should be formatted ready for publication.

As a not-for-profit organisation we are also open to, and hopeful of receiving, cover art donated for the front,back and spine of our Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

  • Art work should be a watermarked jpg file with a high quality 600 dpi file ready if your cover is selected to be the cover of Yesterday’s Tomorrow;
  • Covers should be a print ready file of which includes a front cover, back cover and spine;

We are also seeking contributions of artwork for bookmarks to be sent out with our paperback versions of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

  • Artwork for postcards, bookmarks or Don’t Be Horror-ble posters advertising the book should be your own work;
  • All artwork should be watermarked and of jpg file version with a high quality 600dpi version readily available if your artwork is chosen to be a representation of Don’t Be Horror-ble.

All contributors will receive a contributors copy of the book.