Don’t Be Horror-ble aims at raising awareness of the seriousness of bullying. No longer can we, or should we, use the excuse that ‘Kids are just being Kids’, or provide the advice that victims should ‘just ignore them and walk away’.

To raise awareness of bullying, and the effects that bullying can have, the Don’t Be Horror-ble organisation plans to hold three main events each year – each with a different target audience.

As such we invite you to click on the logo for more information about our events which is aimed at raising funds for our organisation, as well as supporting victims of bullying.

If, however, you want to support our venture you do not have to wait until the events to contribute.

Don’t Be Horror-ble is the primary beneficiary of Shocka-Con Australia. Australia and New Zealand’s Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention launching in Australia in 2018.