When he was just a little mummy Boris was so excited that he was going to be going to ‘Big Mummy’ school. He was certain that he was going to make many more Mummy friends.

Together they would play in the playground, chase each other around the school oval, and play plenty of sports together.

Boris was excited to be going to Big Mummy school.

Unfortunately for Boris Big Mummy school was nothing like he was expecting.

Boris would take some of his latest toys to Big Mummy school to show off to his classmates, and to give them all something to play with during lunch and recess.

But the kids in Boris’ class didn’t like his toys. They would laugh at all of Boris’ toys, as they had toys that they thought were better and cooler.

This made Boris sad.

Boris wanted to play with his classmates at lunch time, they were playing all different types of sports – all of which Boris liked – and every lunch time he would run out to the oval only for his classmates to say that they had too many players and he couldn’t play.

Then one day they let Boris play. Boris was so excited he ran around the oval kicking the ball around and was having so much fun.

But whenever Boris had the ball everyone was kicking him as they tried to get the ball off him – even the people on his team.

Boris thought he should try to pass the ball earlier – but that is when Boris got hurt and had to go to sickbay, all of his classmates laughed when Boris cried when he was hurt.

Boris told his mum about the other children kicking him, and laughing when he got hurt.

Boris’ mum told him to just ‘ignore them‘ and to ‘concentrate on school work‘. Boris tried to be a good boy and listen to his mum, he tried to ignore his classmates, he tried to concentrate on his school work but then the classmates started teasing him.

They teased him about the bandages he wore to school, the teased him about the way he talked, teased him about the food he ate, and even teased him about the games he liked to play.

His classmates even made a rhyme about his name that they all laughed at and pointed at him.

Mum’s advice wasn’t really working for Boris who was feeling even more upset, he tried to pretend he was sick so he didn’t have to go to school.

Luckily for Boris his school had a ZERO Tolerance to bullying and one day when Mrs. Mummy overheard the other children in the classroom picking on Boris they all got into trouble and were told if they did it again they weren’t allowed to go to ‘Big Mummy’ School anymore.

This made Boris so excited!

His classmates let him play around the oval that day, they sat and shared their Spider Sandwiches with him, and he even started getting invited to Birthday Parties.

Boris was so happy and knew that from now on rather than getting angry, or feeling sad, he had to keep telling a grown up that he was getting picked on.

Boris’ mum felt bad that her advice didn’t help Boris, but she too learned that picking on someone in the playground can hurt their feelings and started to invite all of Boris’ classmates to his Birthday Parties so that no one felt left out.