Don’t Be Horror-ble is an Australian-based Not-For-Profit organisation┬ádedicated to raising awareness, and providing support, against bullying and those who have been victims at the hands of bullying.

Bullying is an epidemic the world over, and using the standing of many of our members within the Horror Community the idea of Don’t Be Horror-ble arose, in which we will be carrying out the bulk of our duties with a horror-based twist.

Our approach is not to be yet another information establishment that simply ‘drones’ on for children where the important information we have to share goes in one ear, and straight out the other.

Instead by being able to add some horror-based features to our site children of all ages will be able to relate to our characters and be able to learn about what to do if they are being bullied, and how to not become a bully themselves.

Early on in our establishment we teamed up with Chad Savage – founder of Sinister Visions Inc – the leading design company when it comes to the wider horror community.

In addition to this we took ownership of a number of events, and rights to events, that will act as both fundraisers for Don’t Be Horror-ble and as events that those who have/are victims of bullying to be able to attend.